Can Dua’s collide with one another, and cancel each other out?

This is a fear that I've always had... and the more I think about it, the deeper and deeper I get into a state of mental chaos and confusion. What if multiple people ask for the same thing? What if someone else prays for your beloved too? It's entirely possible isn't it? What if you pray for someone you love... and someone else prays for you in another corner of the world? Dua changes Qadr doesn't it? What happens when you have all these cross conflicting Dua's? Do they cancel each other out? Perhaps it takes two people to pray for each other for it to come true? At times, I really don't know. I'd love to know what you think. Please comment below, and let me know of your thoughts. Perhaps we can make sense of this chaos.

English Translation:

When your prayers aren’t immediately fulfilled,

All kinds of thoughts and distractions come to your mind.

To be swayed by these thoughts is to either be naïve,

Or it could be simply because of the fear of never getting what you want.

The heart and the way it functions are both fascinating.

At times it is stronger than anything, and at other times it is equally as weak.

It gets scared easily.

They say what do you have to fear, when in love?

But love itself comes with fear.

Those who attain it become complete,

And those who lose in love become destroyed.

We all fear our own destruction.

There is someone that I love more than anything…

My beloved is all that I pray for.

But I fear what if there is someone out there that also prays for me?

What if I’m unaware of someone’s love for me?

Oh dearest stranger, do not ask your Lord for me.

I have forgone all rights over myself, and have given myself to my beloved.

I fear that my prayers will collide with your prayers.

Please do not pray for me… I will not be able to be yours.


Somewhere out there in the universe is probably someone else

Who also prays for the one I’ve given myself over to…

The one whose mornings are my own,

The one whose nights are are mine…

The one I see everywhere I look with my eyes open,

And the only one I see as my destination with my eyes closed.

I fear that there is someone who also prays for my beloved.

I wonder if prayers collide with one another, which one gets accepted first?

Perhaps those prayers return without even reaching the heavens.

This fear often keeps me up at night.


That is why my love, it isn’t enough for just me to pray for you,

And for you to hope for the best… even if I pray with all I’ve got.

Perhaps my prayers are equally dependent on yours.

Perhaps even if my own prayer collides with another and returns back to me,

It is your prayer that is meant to reach the heavens instead.

Do these fears not keep you up at night as well?

Do these thoughts not trouble you as well?

Just once, I want you to try praying for us to be together.

Try and put your desires into words.

I pray that every prayer of yours is fulfilled….

Just once… let your eyes become numb in asking for us to be one.


Urdu Transliteration:

Duayien jab fauri taur per qubool na hon,

Tau dil mien ajeeb ajeeb khayal aur tarhan tarhan ke waswasay atay hain.

Khayalon mien behek jaane ko insan ki nadaani kehlo,

ya mangi hui naimaton ka na milne ka dar.

Ajeeb hai ye dil aur is dil ki kehfiyat...

Jitna mazboot hai, kabhi kabhi uthna hi kamzor bhi hojata hai.

Dar jata hai asaani se...

Kehte hain ke pyar kia tau darna kia...

Magar ek ajeeb sa dar hi hai ye muhabbat.

Mil jaye tau abad kar de...

Chin jaye tau barbadh.

Aur barbaadh kaun hona chahta hai?

Main kisi ko be-intiha chahta houn,

Aur duaon mien usi ko mangta houn...

Mujhe dar hai ke shayad mujhe bhi koi mangta hoga.

Mere ilm mien na ho, aur mujhe bhi koi chahta hoga.

Apne rab se na maang mujhe oh be-khabar...

Main tau apne ap ko kisi ki amanat maan kar,

Khud par se sare haq kho chuka houn.

Mujhe darr hai ke meri duayien teri duaon se takra na jayien.

Na mang mujhe apne Rab se...

Main tera nahi ho paunga.


Is kainat Mien kahin na kahin...

Koi na koi...

Usay bhi mangta hoga jis per maine apne sare ikhtiyar qurbaan kardiye...

Jis ki subha mien meri subha hai,

Jis ki raat mien meri raat hai

Jo ankhien kholte hi mere samne hoti hai,

Ankhien bandh karoun tau har khuwab mien manzil hoti hai.

Main darta houn ke duaon mien usay bhi koi mangta hoga...

Duayien takra jayien...

Tau na jane pehle kis ki qubool hoti hogi.

Shayad ya takrati hui duayien asmaan se wapis laut athi hongi...

Ye khuaf mujhe boht satate hain.

Isi liyien Kafi nahi hai ke sirf main tumhe mangoun...

Beshak dil aur jaan se hi sahi...

Magar shayad meri duaon ki qubooliyat muntazar hai teri duaon ki...

Meri dua takra kar wapis laaut bhi aye

Tau mujhe yaqeen ke tumhari duayien pohonch jayengi Arsh tak.

Kia ye dar tumhe nahi satatay?

Kia ye waswasay tumhe nahi atay?

Tum bhi kabhi maang kar tau dheko.

Apni chah ko zubaan per la ker tau dheko.

Kash teri har Du'a qubool hojaye,

Tum bhi ek ansu Baha kar tau dheko...

60 thoughts on “Can Dua’s collide with one another, and cancel each other out?”

    1. Thank you so much for dropping by, reading, and listening! I’d love to know your opinion though… what do you think about conflicting Dua’s? Has it ever scared you?

      1. Definitely, not the way you have put it across though! But I’ve always wondered what if the other person has never even mentioned about you to the Almighty.

        1. It is scary isn’t it? What if the other person secretly just depends on your Du’a and waits for what is best… Not everyone understand that love is a provision dependent on Du’a. Another aspect is… just the fact that another person praying for the same thing… who does Allah listen to? Therefore, it is very important for two people to pray for each other I guess… *scratches head in confusion and giggles*

          1. Exactly. It is one of the most paramount aspect of it. Just like it takes two to tango! It is essential for two people to make dua for Eachother.
            It was a marvellous piece, and your voice is just…..tooo soothing.
            Btw I am sure you just voiced out a majority of the people’s fear!
            You sure did mine.

    1. Jazak’Allah Khair Zainab… I’m glad you found it beautiful. I am looking forward to your thoughts though… is it also something you’ve feared before? Surely I can’t be the only one ! Haha, thank you for listening.

      1. Its something that feared. And then experienced it too. Because i was the only one praying. And worst part someone was also praying for him. But then no all fear vanishes away when you realize that Allah has done whats best for you and you slowly start the journey towards healing. Your most welcome. Your words on SoundCloud are my companions at night time and especially in my thinking time. 😊

    1. Jazak’Allah Khair! Thank you for listening and leaving your feedback! It is a fear that haunts me… I’m glad I could share it with you.

  1. I hadn’t actually ever thought of Duas this way. So thank you for introducing even more chaos to my already chaotic mind 😛 (jk) Anyway, this was awesomely beautiful.
    Here’s what I think though; maybe the thing I’m asking for isn’t the best for me, instead it’s best for someone else because Allah knows what’s best for us. I guess if after praying for it hard enough, it doesn’t go our way, we just have to trust Him and let Him guide us to what is better for us. I guess that’s how you keep yourself content in such situations.
    For me though, there’s one thing that I want badly and it hasn’t happened yet, all the other times I have asked for something that I’ve wanted badly, I got it Alhamdulillah but this one thing just doesn’t happen.
    i dont know if I made sense but yeah my two cents or penny, whatever 😀

    1. Hahaha that made me laugh, but Jazak’Allah Khair for listening and thinking deeply and providing me your feedback. I think you’re right… But I’ve always been the kind of stubborn dua maker that believes, even if isn’t right for me… Allah has the sole power and authority to make it right, perhaps if I ask for it enough. I don’t know if thats wrong … or if thats right. But I guess being content is also a big part of faith.

  2. Another great post which is in fact quiet scary to think about I never thought about duas colliding with one another.I always thought what’s written will be yours but it’s true duas do change qadr. When you think about how many of our duas have been Accepted by Allah you truly realise how much our life has changed.I guess it just depends on who wants it more? or who’s more honest in their dua or it could be who will benefit and what will be better in the long run. I guess we will never really have a answer to this but nevertheless a very good post which made me think lol 🤔

    1. Jazak’Allah Khair for helping me trying to make sense of this chaos! I’ve lost so much sleep over thinking these thoughts and I’m glad I can share them with you guys. Allah Alam… Allah truly knows best, and He does what He does in the most beautiful of ways… May we all get what we truly deserve, and may we all be content with what we get. Ameen.

  3. Relatable tbh I think these thoughts are just from shaytan, him redirecting your thoughts and putting fear in your heart but not just the fear of someone else praying for the one you pray for, I mean do you ever doubt yourself? As in doubt whether you’re being sincere enough whilst making Dua?

    1. Jazak’Allah Khair… I think you’re right… it perhaps is shaytaan at times trying to weaken your emaan and your faith in your own duas… I have never had a feeling where I doubt my own sincerity though. Perhaps that is something to think about as well… I guess somewhere we fall short in trying to ward off shaytan .

      1. I guess so, but when you’ve repeated a Dua ever so many times don’t you sometimes feel as if there’s no emotion left in you? There’s times where you feel everything at once but then there’s times where you just don’t feel anything whilst your making Dua have you ever experienced that?

        1. I was thinking of that the other day actually… and what was beautiful about the thought was that… at times your dua does get old and repetitive. But if you analyze your problems and your impediments and if you think deeply about them…. there is always so much more that you could be asking Allah. Hence, with the thought of all that stops me from what I want, and all that is made difficult for me along the way, the words don’t get repetitive. Surely, I find different ways of asking for the same thing, and thus I’ve never been able to doubt my sincerity. Sure I’ve cursed myself for missing Fajr or sleeping through Tahajjud on nights I barely couldn’t sleep… but other than that … there is always something different you can ask to be made easy for you, that stands as as impediment between you and what you pray for.

          1. That’s true! But sometimes it’s hard to even form words or express how you feel even when you feel nothing so you end up repeating the same Dua but I know what you mean, there’s number of different ways we can ask Allah for that one thing

  4. First up. Let me tell you again that this is so very beautiful. I’ve thought about these situations before but it never crossed my mind to put it in words. You did it and you did it oh so beautifully. Thank you(In tears, literally).Your words are hope. I’ll keep praying for you In Sha Allah and I expect the same. Jazakallah!

    1. Afraz, Jazak’Allah Khair again for your valuable feedback. It makes me real happy that you took the time and came back to drop your feedback. These feelings are I guess universal, these fears… perhaps our beloveds fear this too? I just can not stress it enough for two people to make Du’a for each other, I guess that is what balances everything out with regards to duas that conflict with yours. Allahu Alam… Allah knows best. I will definitely keep you in my Dua’s, and Ameen to all yours in advance. May Allah bestow us all with immense blessings, for if He gave us so much without asking… Surely He will respond to our desires.

  5. Apne raab se nah maang mujhe oh bekhabaar. Jis zindagi per mera haq nai uske sath jorey hue pyaar per kaise kisi ko likh doon…………

    1. Jazak’Allah Khair Arsh, that was a beautiful one liner that you’ve added in response. I understand the idea of our lives not really being ours. I know this feeling completely, for I’ve always lived for others in any way I could and now those people are inclined to make my decisions for me. There is a blessing in that of course, but I know if Allah has put something in my heart, Allah expects me to make an adequate effort so that He can bless me with it. Sometimes that effort is just sincere Du’a of exactly what my heart wants, and nothing else is really in my power. Some things are destined to us and we get them so easy, and other things are destined to us WITH an effort. Thank you again for listening and leaving your feedback. May Allah bless us all with what our hearts desire. Ameen.

  6. You made me so much emotional, I literally cried 😢 I felt every word, every emotion!! Even the pauses in between!! To be honest, I never thought of this before, conflicting du’as, who would Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala listen to, maybe that’s why what happened, happened *Self-realization moment* I definitely agree now that it requires two persons to pray for each other to unite. If it’s one sided, it’s like the du’as return coz Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala knows that the other person won’t love us and that’s why He Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala doesn’t accept our Du’as. Today through this post, I understood the real meaning behind the words “if it’s meant to be, both the hearts would fall in love with each other, not just one. ” Yes, you can be best friends but still that kind of love just never happens from their side. Great post!! Smashed it 🙌

    1. Dil DIl! I was looking forward to your feedback yet again, It was unfortunate you got stuck not being able to listen to it earlier, but better late than never right? I’m glad you felt every word… It is scary. I live with it everyday. It isn’t just with one sided, but sometimes even in a mutual situation we are limited by our own perceptions of what we ask for, and are bound by the limitations we place on ourselves. Sometimes the other heart is bound by worldly situations, factors, relations, etc. that forbid it from acknowledging its own desires. Allah knows best… May Allah make things easy for all of us… Ameen.

  7. This voiceover left me contemplating and realise that i asked for my loved after every namaaz and in every dua but we are still apart so does that mean he is not praying for me? If he isnt praying for me then is my dua stopping him frm attaining his happiness ?
    Beautifully written and spoken

    1. Allahu Allam… Allah knows best. We can only try and understand and use knowledge of our own existence to explain these things to ourselves… in the end we’re left wondering. But it makes sense doesn’t it? If I were to pray for someone, and she does not pray to be with me… or prays entirely for someone else… How would it be fair for the fulfillment of my Du’a, and not hers? I think it is important for two hearts to pray to be together. Thank you again for listening and leaving your feedback. The response that i’ve gotten from this post has been wonderful, and I’m glad you participated in the discussion. May Allah fulfill our Dua’s and make the troubles of our hearts easier to live with. Ameen

  8. Listening to it in a language that you don’t understand really makes the emotions raw and once I read it in English I couldn’t help myself but sit in silence and let the tears flow down. I feel pain, laughter, sadness, hope and somewhere in the distance an unknown mystery for longing. You always bring a new meaning to everything you write and now my entire outlook on Dua’s is completely changed. No wonder I’m alone…

    1. My dear sister, being alone isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We’re all somewhat alone aren’t we? I’ve met people ‘be’ with people and yet they’re lonely…. and I’ve also met people who are ‘alone’ who are more fulfilled than people who have someone to call their own. It is a strange world we live in, and we can never really understand its mysteries… Our perception of happiness could be the definition of another life, and they are perhaps not happy… Its interesting isn’t it? Im glad you listened to it, despite the fact that you didn’t understand. But happy you were able to hear the emotions. It definitely wasn’t just pain and sadness, but you’re right… a whole lot of hope and longing… laughter as well for a part of me still fights against the odds. May our Dua’s be accepted…. Allah is Al Jabbar, the Greatest Compeller and the Repairer of the broken… may He mend the hearts that are broken, and compel the universe to be in our favor. Ameen. I pray that when you finally find yourself not to be ‘alone’ … may you truly be the happiest of all. Ameen.

  9. I don’t think dua’s are necessary for both parties to pray for the same thing. Allah places love in people’s hearts and if love for you isn’t in her heart yet, she won’t make that dua. However, when Allah accepts your dua and places love for you in her heart, that is the fulfillment of your dua. Allah can make the impossible, possible. He is the All Capable and All Competent. He has given us this weapon (dua) to use and rely on Him. Of course He knew about clashing of dua’s yet He still gave us the capability to make it. I always believe that if Allah didn’t want to fulfill our dua, He would not have let us make it or given us the chance to. The fact that you are able to sit there and make that specific dua I believe means that Allah wants to fulfill it. Patience and perseverance is the key. Past experiences where I really wanted something, but didn’t get it, showed me how I was unable to make dua for it which meant it wasn’t meant to be fulfilled. The knowledge of how Allah fulfills everyone’s prayers is with Allah alone. All we have to do is continue to pray sincerely, cry our hearts out and believe Allah will fulfill our prayers. Allah knows how to get around complications and obstacles, He is the All Knowing. Nothing is hard for Him.

    In Sha Allah may the Grantor of Victory grant us victory in our fight for our love, our life, our everything. May He reveal the fruits of our patience, perseverance and prayers.

    1. Zohaib, your perspective is absolutely beautiful and was a definite pleasure to read. Indeed Allah is the All Capable and All Competent. I definitely agree, and I sincerely believe …in fact I have no choice but to believe in the verse from the Quran which says, “Tum chah bhi nahi sakte agar Allah na chahay.” which is 76:30 “But you cannot will, unless Allah wills.” The fact that Allah had desired for a thing, is why one heart inclined towards another, or two hearts inclined towards each other. It definitely is true if He did not want to grant us the certain Du’a, he would not have willed for us to to ask for it. Verily nothing is impossible of Him. May we continue to make Dua, in the most sincerest of ways without the whispers of shaytan distracting us… and May Allah fulfill those prayers in the most beautiful of ways. Ameen, and Ameen to your duas as well. Jazak’Allah Khair again for sharing your wonderful thoughts.

  10. Look, first of all, never let the fear of not being heard by Him (for whatever reason) enter your heart. I am a firm believer in dua’s and tbh the thought of conflicting dua’s never crossed my mind. What I believe is that He listens to you, He sees the purity of your heart and the passion with which you pray for.. He can turn the hearts around and He will do for you what you never thought could be possible. No matter what someone else is praying for. I believe in miracles and I have seen miracles happening to me all because I was honest in my dua’s.. Also, you should constantly thank Him for everything He has blessed you with and seek His forgiveness for even the smallest of your sins.. That’s what I believe in.. I hope it can be helpful to you..
    Lastly, what you put into words is definitely amazing.. I have been following you for a while and I really appreciate your writing and your poetry. I pray that you get the love you seek for and everything works out well for you. Aameen.

    1. Hey, thank you for listening to an incredibly long voiceover/rant and leaving that wonderful feedback. The thought of conflicting Dua’s is definitely one that would mess with your head… I’m really glad that it actually had never really occurred to you before. I also believe that He listens, in fact Dua’s don’t technically reach him… He knows the words before we even formulate the sentence, so He is always aware for He is the All Knowing. But sometimes regardless of your belief in miracles, there are whispers in the back of your head which scare you. Completely beautiful and helpful advice though. Sabr and Shukr are the key to success. Thank you again, especially for the feedback. I pray that Allah also eases all your troubles and keeps you forever happy. Ameen, and ameen to your Du’a.

  11. Wow this was amazing.. I’m in complete awe.. you made me see a whole new perspective when it comes to Dua and I want to thank you for that. You are too good at what you do please don’t ever stop!

    1. Jazak’Allah Khair Tehreem, I’m so glad that you enjoyed it… These were just some thoughts that eventually grew into a chaotic storm in my head which needed to be put down into words. The only perspective I want you to take with you, is that no matter what the whispers of Shaytan be… never lose hope in the fulfillment of your Dua… the moment you step up from your prayer mat, just consider it fulfilled and convince your heart of nothing less than that. May Allah fulfill all our Dua’…. and make the troubles of our hearts easier. Ameen. Thank you again for reading/listening and sharing your feedback.

      1. Can I just say how powerful your words are? And Ameen. Actually there was something I wanted your opinion on if you had the opportunity. I feel like you would understand because no one else does. Thank you for being such an amazing person.

  12. It definitely made sense and you have voiced out fear of many , the very title was so effective , that Mann Mayal (ankhiyan) tune always go so well with sentiments of the voice overs MashAllah . It was really good MashAllah, it’s been 2 minutes , I am trying to write about how good this was , but khair words aren’t helping me , anyways May Allah bless you more and more aameen.

    1. Hey Masira, thank you so much for taking the time and listening. I can never get bored of the Man Mayal theme, I just hope people don’t begin to hate it because of my repitition of it in all these voice overs. I feel as if it goes with the words, and my situation. Haha! Jazak’Allah khair for your feedback, i’m glad you really liked it. Ameen to your Dua, May Allah bless us all immensely and make our struggles easier for us.

  13. *crying*😭😭😭 Why you always leave me speechless ? Were you crying while recording this?
    I feel even though our prayers collide or are not answered we should not stop praying because if it is meant to be he will grant our prayers sha allah.😌
    And may allah always grant your prayers and keep you happy 😌❤

    1. Hey Daraksha, Jazak’Allah Khair for your feedback, it means a lot that you took the time and answered my question. We should definitely not stop praying, in fact it is in one of the Sahih Hadith that one of the worst things to do is to stop praying for something and giving up on it, because when we do that, we lose faith. Regardless of our fears and troubles, we must continue our Dua. Thank you for your Duas, Ameen… May Allah ease all our troubles and make all of us equally and immensely blessed and happy.

  14. Asalaamualikum!
    …Sigh… 😔
    I dont have words to appreciate how you have portrayed the constant fear of many (including myself). #Speechless
    I have… actually, thought about DUAS COLLIDING but I had never know.. verbalized it, nor did I ever hear/see it being discussed.
    I wonder what the Ullamah/Scholars have to say about it.

    Below is my naive opinion/view/belief (it may be off topic but ehh just hear me out):
    Allah knows best. He knows how we feel. He knows everything. He knows the state(s) of our mind, soul, and heart.
    If two people truely sincerely love eachother, I feel they will try their outmost best to be with eachother in all forms (24/7).
    They will pray for eachother without tiring, they will endure, they will reach out (for example, ask for hand in marriage or insist parents if they dont agree), etc. They will BOTH be equally putting in the effort. I feel and believe that then Allah will allow them to BE. If the BOTH of you are asking Allah sincerely then I believe you wont be disappointed.
    I’ve had an experience in the past related to the topic at hand. Where a man who really wanted to be with me said he prayed for me/for us to BE but I on the otherhand didnt feel the same way. It was either one-sided or just a play of words. But I feel we didnt work out for a variety of reasons: I didnt want it to, I didnt feel the same way as he did, or I didnt want it as bad as he did OR because Allah knew he wasnt sincere. Or maybe God had something better planned for the both of us!

    It could have worked out if we both wanted it to. If we both tried our best. Sincerely.

    So.. my last thoughts would be that AllahHuAlim. Allah knows best. He knows everything. He has the best plan for us. What we might consider best may not be best enough.

    We’ll never really know but for some assurity or positive feeling of our dua being accepted we need to be on the same page as the person we are praying for. See if that person also sincerely feels the same way. That the feelings are mutual. Communication is key. You dont want to be wasting time over someone who doesnt want you as bad.

    “Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho … to puri kainaat usse tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai” -Shahrukh Khan, Om Shanti Om

    I truely believe in this dialogue, if you and whomever youre praying for really want it to be then InShaAllah all will work well for the both of you.

    May Allah (swt) grant us all good. May He grant us what is best for us. May He grant us our permissible desires. I pray He grants us all peace and genuine happiness. Ameen.

    And Ameen to all of your duas.

    1. Walaikum Assalam Chashmish!
      (I figured out who you are after like 3 lines) Allah definitely knows best, and I agree with your naive opinion that no matter what, if two people continue to pray for one another, surely Allah will not disappoint and will make it easy for them, regardless of the troubles at hand. Part of having emaan is also being content with whatever the outcome is, and Allah is aware of our fears… He knows what we’re afraid of, and He knows exactly how to deal with them for us.

      I agree with you, communication is key… Haha with regards to your favorite dialogue, I have my own version of it…

      Kisi chiz ko agar sache dil se chaho, tau poori kainat us ko tum se cheen ne ki sazish mein lag jaati hai. Liken agar woh tumhare naseeb mein ho tau ye poori kainat Khudayi ke agay sir jhuka deti hai, aur waqt anay per tumhari dua ki qubooliyat khud ek sazish ban jaati hai.

      Ameen… May Allah grant us good. Thank you for your kind words and feedback, it means a lot that you took the time. I pray the best for you. Ameen.

  15. Another master piece Sir, that was really great. Maybe that happens but you actually don’t know how strong your duas are, or maybe what your wanting is not good for you. So there are rules of making a dua. Inkasari..! Maybe the other persons dua is more strong than you. As dua change the fate is true but what is going if you not make dua will happen, if you make dua about that, and your fate change and you get what you wanted, that is also writen already, but you will get that thing if you make dua. (If that make sense). But the more inkasari you will make in your prayers and duas, the chances of getting that thing will be more than the other person who is making dua.

    1. Hey, thank you so much for taking the time and listening. I’m glad you left that feedback. I have no idea what Inkasaari means, I’ll have to look it up… but your feedback definitely makes sense… I guess no matter what our fears, we must always continue to ensure that our Duas are as strong as they were when we asked for them the first time. I definitely understand what you mean about the Qadar and even if it changes, it is already written to be that way… Allah knows everything, therefore everything is written… even the changes that we are meant to ask for, or have the potential to ask for. Subhan’Allah… Jazak’Allah Khair again for leaving your valuable feedback 🙂 May Allah bless you immensely for helping me make sense of my chaos.

  16. I can’t say that I’ve thought about duas colliding but I have thought about someone else making dua for me. I’m also a stubborn dua maker and believe that the most heartfelt dua can do the impossible. Then again do you think it’s possible that someone else could make such a sincere and heartfelt dua for your beloved as you can and put as much hope, love, determination and as many tireless attempts? Or will it even be possible for anyone else to put the same sincerity and determination in a dua for you to be theirs? I highly doubt anyone else can do the same. I believe the dua with the most sincere intentions and the best hope and trust in Allah will get accepted, therefore keep making dua with the determination that it will get accepted.

  17. I think Allah knows whats best for who, if your taqdeer is with that person your duas will work that way wont they? I dont know.. maybe thats why we are always told not to think too much about this as we being humans cant understand how Allah’s system works, its ‘Humari aqal se balatar’ i guess 😛 If its meant to be it will happen and if not then…well..I hope something better comes along :p

  18. Is kainat Mien kahin na kahin…
    Koi na koi…
    Usay bhi mangta hoga jis per maine apne sare ikhtiyar qurbaan kardiye…

    Assalamualaikum Arslan, I’ve no words to say like you won’t believe this was exactly what I was searching for. I’m thinking the same same and it has created chaos in my head and was damn confuse what if someone also prays for the one you love and yes I know someone does still I pray for that person. I was lost in thinking whose dua will be accepted and isn’t it confuse Allah too that whom will he grant that person. Haan jiski dua’on mein shiddat ho..kya agar dono ko bhi ho.. kabhi kabhi dil haar jaata hai aur lagta hai ki chod du usse maangna phir sochti hoon ki apne rab mein umeed kaise kho sakti hoon..shayad ye shaitaan hai Jo mujhe behka kar mera imaan kam Karna chahta ho mein aisa hone nahi dungi…mein jaanti hoon mera rab meri har dua ko sunta hai woh As-Sami Jo hai..par meri dua qubool hogi yahi sochti hoon kya meri dil ki khwaish qubool hogi…Dua karti hoon ki agar meri behtari usme na ho toh mere liye usse behtar karke de kyunki mere rab ke liye kuch bhi na mumkin nahi…lekin kiski dua qubool hogi meri ya kisi aur ki😔 mujhe ye baat hamesha pareshan karti hai aur aapne wahi bayaan kar diya…Jaan kar acha laga ki koi hai jisko merit tarah ye darr satata hai…Aapko kya lagta hai? Kya socha aapne?
    Aapka dill shayad mere haal bayaan karta hai

  19. Very beautifully written and the urdu translation is 😍😍like wow…. n i believe if both the beloved pray for each other that it is something so beautiful… indeed if we r praying for for someone and someone else is praying for us than the Dua wll collide.. so it is necessary for both to pray for each other 💕 still Allah knows the best!!! your words r superbly written i just love to read it.. tho* i m very late at reading i don’t knw about your blogs* 🙈..

  20. I’ve not yet read it all but whatever you write is meaningful and i would love to read it all…
    ‘Great work’ and congrats for your book.

  21. Greatt work! Amazinglyyy amazingg.. Listened numerous times… if only I could download this..
    Everysingle word came out besttttt.. made me sooo emotional 🙁 seriouslyy Loved it..♥️

  22. I have just recently joined your blog and have followed you on instagram very recently too. (I don’t normally comment, but in this piece of work that you did, I had to.)

    The way you put your thoughts and real life experience onto paper is amazing. MashaAllah. And not only do you express what you think and feel from your heart, but you pretty much express what I feel also. It’s very hard to see someone else pray for that one special person you’re praying for.
    Personally, I think that if you pray for that one special person and they do the same too, then yes, your du’a is definitely accepted.

    You write so beautifully, MashaAllah. And I think that no one in this dunya can express their feelings, emotions and sayings of their heart as you can. You are seriously just another wonderful person, I hope to meet. InshaAllah. (This du’a needs to be accepted as soon as possible.)
    And may Allah bless you with immense happiness and talent. Aameen. ❤

    1. AssalamuAlaikum Dua,

      Thank you so much for taking the time and leaving such a beautiful comment. I appreciate the kind words, and it definitely made me smile. Perhaps one day I’ll meet you at a meet and greet! Till then, take good care of yourself. Ameen to your Du’a, and may Allah bless you with even more happiness. Ameen.

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