Disciples of Ishq

In the midst of unfathomable heart ache, and upon finding himself on a prayer mat, he asked himself, “Is this really all there is to love – just a mere obsession?” Being entirely unconvinced of this, he embarked on a spiritual journey to understand this universal, complex emotion.

In an attempt to answer questions regarding the validity and permissibility of love, Arslan wrote “Disciples of Ishq.” This book is divided into four sections, with each section serving a unique purpose. Disciples of Ishq seeks to define love as the basis of life, and contrary to what many may believe, a concept at the core of Islamic ideology. Arslan redefines true love to be a category of its own, independent of both metaphorical and divine love.

The journey through writing this book has not only offered perspective, but also provided clarity and healing. Now, the journey is yours to take. May it make you into a Disciple of Ishq.

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