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So, who’s behind ArslanWrites?

Glad you asked! Currently based between Toronto, London, and Karachi, ArslanWrites was founded by Arslan Zaidi. Third person aside, I started writing screenplays and eventually decided to share some of my dialogues on Instagram. My ridiculous passion for words, and the insanely loud voices in my head have helped my following grow quickly from 0 followers to 19,700 followers in slightly over 2 years. Thinking, and putting life into words satisfies and calms me more than I ever thought it could, and I want to give that same feeling to YOU! Whether it be sharing life lessons, opinions, random definitions of what certain words mean to me in my life, or making you feel like you're in love, even when you're not, I hope ArslanWrites means something BIG to you deep inside.

Want to know some random facts about me? *thinky pose* Okay... Fiiiine!

1. Contrary to popular belief, I am 29 years old.
2. Everyone has a dream occupation, and of course I have one too! I want to change the world and be a successful politician, aside from being a writer.
3. I am color blind and most of my friends don't know this! I once told a friend about ten years ago, and this was during a road trip and of course, I was driving! He asked, "Woah, wait... So if you're color blind, how you stop at red lights, and when do you know the signal is green?" *evil grin* I laughed insanely, and then I told him that "I stop at the red light, when everyone else stops... and I wait for everyone else to start driving." I kid you not, I had never seen him so frightened. He never let me drive again. *wink wink* Just so you know, color blind people do not necessarily see the world as black and white. We just confuse some colors together, such as red and orange. Therefore, I stop at orange lights.
4. The funniest and most embarrassing thing I have ever done was in high school when I found a love letter in my locker. I was reading it while walking to an outdoor classroom and I walked into a pole. I was known to be a tough guy, so no one dared to laugh at me. But I stood there embarrassed, and I laughed at myself because it was the most silliest thing I'd ever done. I've never been able to top that!

Let's be pals, yes?

Now that you know a few interesting things about me, tell me about yourself! Where are you from? What do you do? Is there a piece of writing of mine in particular that you connected to? Drop me an email and let me know how you came across my website, and I'd also love to know your feedback on my blog!